Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Satisfying Hunger

This weekend we took a much anticipated book club field trip to the movies. Bess ordered our tickets online as soon as they were available. You guessed it - The Hunger Games. The Suzanne Collins trilogy was a favorite of ours before we ever started the book club. I'm not saying we started the craze that's everywhere right now, just that we've been fans since the beginning. Love it. All of it. If you haven't seen the movie yet, definitely go because it's great. Just read the book first.

Inspired by the imagery of the Katniss braid, I did my own short hair in the best braid I could. Refinery 29 posted a fun tutorial so you can whip up your own fancy braid. So pretty.

Melisa, Bess, and I all got Mockingjay inspired jewelry when the books came out. The mockingjay is such a huge part of the series, but also a really meaningful symbol.          


There is so much HG inspired art and jewelry to be had on Etsy. Bess had on her necklace for our field trip.                          

Courtney made a HG inspired treasury on Etsy, where she curated a collection of items that reminded her of things from the book. Check it out here .

The movie captured the crazy Capitol culture, and the over the top wardrobes. Elizabeth Banks as EffieTrinket was perfect. And these Alexander McQueen boots from the movie?  Real or not real?


  1. Yes, loved it. We saw groups of guys without dates at the movie, which was really cool because I didn't know how many men would go for an action movie with a non-sexy female lead. There have been annoying comments about that fact (like on Kayla's facebook page), but most guys seem very open to it or not affected by it at all. One thing that has been interesting me is the idea in the movie that TV creates a disconnect where even though what we're watching is "reality" we don't take it that way, which partially explains why the Capital citizens can watch the Hunger Games. What I've been wondering is how many people are watching this movie for the violence and shock value and not getting any of the critism. Ironic, no?

  2. There were 3 major things that stood out as missing from the movie. The relationship with Gale was the biggest. The complete cutout of Madge, the daughter of district 12's mayor, who gave Katniss the mockingjay pin was a little easier to understand time-wise. And the existence/meaning of avoxes was surprisingly absent. Obviously they will have to get into this stuff later, but it didn't go unnoticed.


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